A.W.A.N.A is on Summer Break!! AWANA is a worldwide ministry that consistently communicates the good news of Jesus and builds strong biblical foundations.

The purpose of Awana is to help parents raise kids to know, love and serve Christ for life.  There are integrated programs for children ages 2 through the 5th grade:

        AWANA meetings consist of Bible lessons, Scripture memorization, game time, & arts/crafts.  Other activities include organized competitions with other AWANA area clubs in Games and Bible Drill. Grand Prix Race is also held in the spring.  Store Night is held twice a year for children to spend "AWANA Bucks" that they've earned through Scripture memorization and club participation.  Other fun "extra-credit" evenings are scheduled such as Clown-Around Night, Silly Socks Night, Pizza parties, etc. 

For more information, contact Carolyn at ccayford@brightonpark.org

*The AWANA program follows the CCISD schedule and is currently on Summer Break!  We will be back on September 9, 2018. If you would like to register for our 2018-2019 Session, please click below:

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(Please note: there are small fees associated for each child
who participates in AWANA.  The order form for
needed items can be found here.  Please print out the form and
bring it with you.) flag.jpg